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Benefits of FlexFlow

Peak Scientific’s FlexFlow gas subscription service offers a host of benefits to analytical laboratories that are looking to reduce their ongoing costs of supplying gas to LC-MS instruments. It combines all the positives aspects of gas generator ownership with none of the requirements for capital purchase or concerns over equipment maintenance. Here is a list of just some of the key benefits your organization can enjoy when switching gas supply to FlexFlow:


  • No up-front investment or capital purchase required & no impact on capital expenditure budget
  • Monthly equipment rental charges may be tax deductible


  • A reliable & stable supply of gas for LC-MS instruments that can meet varying workflow demands
  • No risk of analysis or system contamination, a problem inherent in with gas cylinder changes


  • Gas supply is available for instrument use at the push of a button 24/7
  • No gas supply change-overs required and no running out during important sample analyses


  • No more Health & Safety concerns over highly pressurized gas storage on-site
  • No more requirement for manual handling of heavy gas cylinders


  • Flexibility to change gas subscription level to match any increases in gas flow demands


  • Reduce your organization’s cylinder usage carbon footprint & eliminate the requirement to have repeated gas supply deliveries trucked to your facility
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