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Peak Scientific FlexFlow – FAQ

What is FlexFlow?

FlexFlow is a new gas subscription service from Peak Scientific. It offers a convenient alternative solution for instrument gas (eg. nitrogen, zero air) supplied to your laboratory via an on premise gas generator, without any requirement for a capital purchase, or worrying about equipment ownership and maintenance. With a FlexFlow plan, you are essentially renting a fixed 24/7 supply of gas based on specific flow rates, according to the contract plan.

How does it work?

Peak provide and install the necessary generation equipment in your laboratory, and take care of all maintenance/upkeep, all for a fixed monthly subscription fee, based on your FlexFlow plan (determined by your instrument gas flow requirement).

What is included?

FlexFlow subscription plans are fully inclusive of generation equipment, servicing and rapid response on-site maintenance as well as priority technical support. All service kits, replacement parts and routine maintenance visit costs are included in the monthly cost.

Who is it available to?

Any laboratory or facility which requires a nitrogen (or nitrogen and air) gas supply for their analytical instrument(s) such as a mass-spectrometer*. FlexFlow is available for both existing or new customers, whether currently renting cylinders for instrument gas supply or just looking to have the benefits of a gas generator without on-going ownership concerns.
*FlexFlow service only available in selected geographical regions, please contact us for current details.

Are there any restrictions on geography or service availability?

Currently this service is available directly from Peak Scientific for customers located in North America. Also, this service is not available to customers who wish to utilize their own ‘house air’ (compressed air) supply for instrument gas generation and therefore only require a compressor-less nitrogen generator solution. Selected partners may offer this service to their customers on behalf of Peak Scientific in other geographical areas. Other areas (including Europe) coming soon, please contact us for specific details.

How does payment work?

Payment for your FlexFlow plan is made monthly via convenient payment mechanism (either automated payment or monthly invoice). This makes it straightforward for you to administer, with flexibility around payment changes, should you wish to modify your FlexFlow plan level at a later date (eg. Upgrade to higher gas flow).

How are FlexFlow plans priced?

Monthly gas subscription amounts are based on the gas flow rate requirement. Each plan level is set to a fixed total flow rate (liters per minute), for example FlexFlow 32 provides up to 32L/min. Please contact us for specific pricing based on your needs.

Is there anything to pay up-front eg. deposit?

Yes, an initial payment of 2 monthly rentals, plus equipment delivery/freight costs is due upon contract sign-up. This initial payment is non-refundable, covering the costs of setting up your FlexFlow plan including delivery and installation of the generation equipment in your laboratory.

Is there a cooling-off period to allow for trial of the service before being locked into contract?

Yes, you have 28 days (4 weeks) to ensure you are satisfied with the service/supply of gas to your instruments, during which you have the right to cancel and withdraw from the FlexFlow contract, should you wish to do so. Please note that the initial deposit (inc. freight costs) is non-refundable.

What lengths of rental contract are available?

You can subscribe to FlexFlow for 3, 4 or 5 years. Longer terms may be available upon request. The minimum term you can sign up for is 36 months.

What generator model will I get and will I get a new generator?

The particular generator equipment supplied to you will vary at the discretion of Peak Scientific. We will specify an appropriate generator for your subscription level and specific needs based on your LCMS instrument and other relevant factors. This may be new ‘built to order’ or an OEM reconditioned generator from Peak Scientific. All equipment is rigorously tested and certified as suitable for your application. Important to note that you are renting supply of gas, not the equipment; the specifics of which may vary from customer to customer or laboratory site to laboratory site, depending on many factors.

Who should I contact if there are any problems with my FlexFlow gas supply?

When you sign up to Peak’s FlexFlow gas subscription service, we take full responsibility for ensuring supply of gas is delivered in accordance with your plan. Where you are introduced to FlexFlow via a third party partner of Peak Scientific, your contract & responsibility for service is directly with us.

What service response time can I expect with FlexFlow, in the unlikely event of breakdown / generator fault?

Peak guarantee to be on-site within 48 hours of contact within the USA (exc. Alaska and Hawaii), mainland UK and selected other areas. Guaranteed 72 hour response time in other regions. Please contact us for specific service level for your area if in doubt.

What happens if a generator fault cannot be resolved on-site?

Peak will aim to have your gas supply reinstated within 72 hours by any means necessary, including a new replacement generator if on-site equipment cannot be repaired.

How flexible are contracts in terms of subscription level e.g. Can I upgrade or downgrade as and when needed?

You can change your subscription level once during any running 12 month period for a nominal admin and delivery charge for new equipment (monthly rental cost will adjust based on the service selected). Where subscription level has been changed, the new modified service will be delivered by either the supply of additional generation equipment or a generator swap-out.

Can I purchase the generator equipment if I decide I want to own outright rather than continue to pay for rental?

FlexFlow is strictly a gas rental product and not equipment leasing or hire purchase. As such there is no option to take ownership of the generator that we provide as part of this service. You do have the option of buying a brand new generator from Peak Scientific at the end of your FlexFlow contract.  For customers deciding they want to buy a generator during the term of their FlexFlow contract, Peak Scientific may offer an option to purchase a new generator with a maintenance service contract in lieu of the remainder of the FlexFlow contract. Such options will be dependent on circumstances and remaining contract term. Please speak to your Peak representative for more info.

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