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Origami Precision

Our origami Precision generator uses the folds for the traditional fujimoto origami cube, you may already be familiar with the folding process, however if not don’t worry as we have made some step by step instructions on how to fold the generator. We have used the basic instructions from Origami whose motto is spreading joy one fold at a time.  We hope you enjoy building our origami generators. 

Start by laying your sheet generator side down, making sure that the “this way up arrow” is pointing away from you.

Step 1: Fold the paper horizontally and vertically so that your paper is divided into 16 squares the same as the guides printed on the paper.

origami mountain

Step 1 - Instruction and Result

Step 2: Now, with your paper divided, pay attention to the colours of the lines printed on the paper, ignoring the diagonals, as we will come to those later. Note that the images have black lines but our genertor cubes use colour coded lines.

For the green lines, the paper should be mountain folded, creased upwards like the ridge of a mountain. Then for the blue lines the paper should be valley folded, creased downwards like a valley. Ensure the creases are nice and crisp. 

origami two

Step 2 - Instruction and Result

Step 3: Next make valley folds along the blue diagonal lines, again making sure the creases are crisp.

origami three

Step 3 - Instruction and Result

Step 4: Fold your sheet of paper in half, bringing the top down to meet the bottom.

origami four

Step 4 - Instruction and Result

For the last few steps its easier to show you, so please watch Origami Instructions quick video tutorial on how to complete the generator.

Final Steps - Instructional Video

If you would like to make your own Precision gas generator the artwork can be downloaded here

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